CPA Table Talk

CPA Table Talk: A monthly online discussion platform where non-profit leaders gain crucial financial insights from an experienced Certified Public Accountant. Submit your questions, learn from peers, access past discussions, and drive your organization forward with newfound knowledge. Your first session is on us!

Empowering individuals by providing open conversation on tax and financial matters​

CPA Table Talk is a monthly gathering designed to empower non-profit leaders with crucial financial insights. Led by our Certified Public Accountant with extensive experience in the non-profit sector, this group call serves as an invaluable platform for learning and growth.

Submit your questions securely via email ahead of each meeting, and have them addressed in an anonymous and respectful manner during the call. You’ll not only receive personalized responses, but you’ll also gain the advantage of learning from the inquiries of others.

We understand that as a non-profit leader, your time is precious. That’s why we offer an organized archive of past meetings, sorted by topic, allowing you to tap into our past calls at your convenience.

With calls tailored specifically to non-profit organizations, we ensure that the insights and guidance you receive are pertinent and beneficial. And the best part? You can try the first call for free! Join our CPA Group Call today and leverage the financial acumen needed to drive your organization forward.

Interested in sitting in on our next meeting?


We host two separate meetings each month, one tailored specifically for non-profit organizations and the other for businesses. This ensures that the topics discussed are most relevant to your specific needs. The dates and times for these meetings will be communicated well in advance.

Non-profits: 3rd Thursday from 1pm-2:30pm

Business: 4th Thursday from 1pm-2:30pm

Our service is priced to accommodate the needs of both non-profits and businesses. Your first meeting is FREE come give it a try and see if it will work for you. 

The monthly subscription for non-profit organizations is $150.

The monthly subscription for businesses, it is $175. 

This subscription includes access to the monthly meetings as well as our archive of past meetings. There is a six month commitment. 

We place a high value on privacy and confidentiality. All questions submitted via email for the group call will be addressed anonymously. Any personal information associated with the questions will be removed to maintain the privacy of our participants.

Our monthly CPA Group Calls offer a friendly and supportive environment where you can gain high-level insights from an experienced CPA on your financial queries. You can expect a stimulating explainations where various financial topics are addressed, based on the questions emailed in by participants. While no specific advice is given, you will receive direction and guidance to help inform your own financial decision-making.

In addition to the monthly CPA Group Call, your subscription gives you access to our comprehensive archive of past meetings. These are organized by topic, allowing you to quickly and easily find insights on specific subjects that may be of interest to you. This repository serves as a valuable tool to supplement your learning and offers the convenience to tap into financial wisdom at your own pace.