Free Look At Your Financial Statement

When was the last time you had your books looked at by a trained CPA, one who also has extensive experience as a real estate investor?

Never? That’s our offer. Free and simple.

Our CPAs will look at your profit/loss and balance sheet, for free. No upsells, no bait and switch. Feel free to fill out the form below and we’ll send you a secure link to upload your financials. Then we’ll take a look at your documents and send you a secure video of our findings. 

We just want to show how much we can help you.

Most real estate investors don’t think about a CPA until it’s too late. When trouble comes calling and the tax man is looking for a pound of flesh, where do you turn?

Or even worse, maybe you have been over paying on your taxes for years! Draining your hard earned profits and funneling them right into Uncle Sam’s eager pockets. 

Do you think it’s fair that the IRS gets to take more of your money than it deserves?

And bookkeepers alone aren’t enough. Most of them don’t understand  the complications of real estate investing, much less made any deals of their own. 

With everything stacked against you, the answer is clear; you need experienced help.

Cornerstone CPA will manage your balance sheet, profit and loss, cash flow statement, and your taxes. You never have to worry about your company’s financials again. We make the process hands off, you just read the monthly reports and make sure everything looks right. 

In fact, we won’t just tell you how good we are; we’ll show you!

We’ll look at your financial statement for free!

Let Cornerstone look at your profit loss and balance sheet FOR FREE. Our accountants will look over your documents and send you a secure video of our recommendations, NO CHARGE!

Feel free to fill out this form and we will send you a secure link for you to upload your financials.