Specialized Accounting for Real Estate Investors

Why Choose Us?

Experienced Partners

When it comes to real estate investing, we’ve seen it all and solved every “can’t be solved” problem thrown at us. Cornerstone works with more than 25 real estate investors across the country and our leadership team are active, experienced real estate investors.

Customized Service

Real estate investors need an accountant who understands the business from the inside. From taking advantage of a 1031 exchange, when to sell for the maximum tax break, or even how to take a salary the right way, our experienced CPAs will have your back.

Free Financial Statement Video Review

Offer Details

We’re offering a complimentary look at your Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet documents and then we’ll send you a video with our recommendations for improvement. This free financial review could save you from unnecessary tax expenses.


  • Identify discrepancies in your financial records.
  • Recommendations on how to align your balance sheet with the reality of your portfolio.
  • Point out potential tax overpayments due to outdated or incorrect property information.

Secure a Clearer Financial Picture for Your Investments

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